Upton State Forest, MA

a map showing the location of Upton State Forest in MA
Upton State Forest
Hopkington, Massachusetts

No fees

Activities: hiking, biking, horse back riding

Features: CCC buildings, trails, pond

Habitats: New England secondary forest types, wetlands, streams, pond

The park is a mix of upland forest and wet habitats (swamp, stream, pond, and seasonal wetlands). Upton State Forest is made up of a number of land parcels and totals 2660 acres. The property includes land in the towns of Upton, Grafton, Hopedale, Hopkinton, Mendon, Northbridge and Westborough.

The main access to the forest is centered on the headquarters area that is found off of the intersection of Westborough and Southborough Roads in Upton. There is a place to unload horses, see historic CCC buildings and access some of the most well used forest trails. A small parking lot is found at this location.

Video of an Upton State Forest Trail

Forest and Trail Map

Printable PDF version of the Upton State Forest Map

a map of the forest including all the hiking trails


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