State Park

Buckeye Lake, Millersport, OH

Buckeye Lake is the heart of Buckeye Lake State Park near Millersport, southeast of Columbus. Buckeye Lake was originally impounded by blocking drainage into the South Fork of the Licking River with a dike. The project was completed to create a reservoir to serve the state’s growing feeder canal system but within a few years of the dike’s completion in 1830, the railroad made great economic inroads in Ohio. The feeder system was abandoned but Buckeye Lake was born.

Indian Lake, Lakeview, OH

Indian Lake is easily one of central Ohio’s most popular lakes. Every year an estimated million or more visits are made to Indian Lake throughout the year. It’s a popular boating, fishing, and camping destination.

The 5,800-acre lake is a recreational boater’s paradise. Four state launch areas serve hundreds of boats during the summer months and more as the waterfowl hunting season arrives.

Horseneck Beach State Reservation

a map showing the location of Horseneck Beach

Horseneck Beach is located on the western edge of Buzzards Bay, just east of the southeastern corner of Rhode Island. Along with Salisbury Beach, found north of Boston, it is one of the state of Massachusetts' busiest parks and beaches. There are more than two miles of swimming beach. That expanse of beach comes in handy during the summer since so many people visit Horseneck Beach State Park.

Red Top Mountain State Park

One of my favorite parks, it is located along the shores of Allatoona Lake in Cartersville, Georgia. The park has a lot of amenities and while it can be a busy place, it is a convenient get-out-in-nature escape. It is just off of I-75, which is part of why it is nice but also busy. Millions of people are literally within a short drive of the place. What might you expect to find there?

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