Georgia Free Park Day

Saturday September 26, 2009 will be day to celebrate freedom in Georgia. Freedom in terms of free admission to all of Georgia's state parks and historic sites. All parking fees and entrance fees will be waived. Fishing access is also free on this day, no fishing license is required to fish in waters within public park boundaries. The state is setting up this fee free day as a way of thanking all the visitors and volunteers that support the mission of the parks and historic sites.

Volunteer for your Public Lands

The 16th National Public Parks Day will take place on September 26, 2009. The annual event is designed to get useful projects completed on public lands and tap into our country's great volunteer tradition. The volunteer nature of the day helps connect local people with their public land and provides a means of educating the public about environmental and natural resource concerns.

Wolf Tree

Wolf Trees are commonly encountered along the edges of rock walls.

These trees are large individuals that have a large diameter trunk and a widely spreading crown. There is also a good chance that a wolf tree will have some or even extensive damage. This may be a large limb that has broken away from one side of the tree or the top being blown out, usually from a lightning strike.

New Biosphere Reserves 2009

The UN today announced the creation of twenty two new Biosphere Reserves. There are now a total of 533 reserves in 107 countries. The program begin in 1976.

Here is list, as per their announcement:

Lagunas de Montebello, Mexico

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